2x Packages of Freeze Dried Strawberries in mylar for long term food storage

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Treat your family to the most nutritious and delicious snacks available. Our freeze dried strawberries contain no additives, fillers or preservatives. The only ingredients included are fresh strawberries.
These are whole berries that can be eaten right out of the bag, or reconstituted in warm water for use in cereals such as oatmeal.
This package deal includes TWO packages of 20-30 berries each (0.1 lbs after freeze drying) sealed in mylar for long-term food storage.
Strawberries lose around 90% of their weight during the freeze drying process which removes nearly all water.
Due to the seasonality of strawberries, these are sourced from Peru and manufactured in our plant in the mountains of Western North Carolina, USA at our family owned and operated business.
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