Deluxe Oatmeal Breakfast Kit Packaged for Long-Term Storage

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This deluxe kit contains all of the components needed for delicious and balanced breakfast meals.  All components are packaged separately, just as you might in your kitchen. Included is 12 pounds of oatmeal, 1.6 pounds of sugar, 30-35 freeze-dried strawberries and a package of cinnamon to add some spice to the combination. Mix and match the components to allow variety.  Contrast this to the typical approach of pre-packaged oatmeal where the flavor is always identical.  Oatmeal is delicious and provides necessary calories and essential vitamins and minerals. All included components are packaged for long-term storage and freshness using state-of-the-art packaging methods. The packages are sealed in food grade, FDA approved mylar as a long-term barrier to oxygen.
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