Powdered Whole Egg Powder 1 lb (Mylar)

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This is a full pound of powdered whole eggs, the equivalent of 38 medium eggs, packaged for long term storage in mylar. Powdered whole egg is perhaps the most nutrition dense substance available with the nutrition ounce to ounce an average of 230% that of beef steak.

This is UNCUT so the only ingredient is EGG that has been spray dried in the United States. During the drying process 4.3 pounds of liquid whole egg becomes one pound of dried whole egg. Thus, to reconstitute a pound of eggs (approximately 9) one would add .25 lbs of powdered whole egg and .75 lbs of water (1.4 cups).
According to University research powdered eggs store an average of 10 years. While our packaging is by far the best in the business, we will only claim TEN YEARS EXPECTED STORAGE LIFE as research as shown.  Please note that when you buy from us you get nearly the FULL TEN YEARS in contrast to years old stock often sold online.
Note: This product is being packaged fresh the third week in December and is thus expected to be delayed by the Holidays until Jan 2024. Get your orders in quickly, as supplies are limited, but note the expected delivery time-frame.

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