Egg Replacer

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The Mountain Fresh Foods Egg Replacer product is a plant-based, Non-Dairy, Non-Egg, Non-GMO and preservative free egg replacement option for baking and cooking needs. We have sourced the most effective and consistent egg replacer on the market and packaged it using our specialized and advanced long term storage techniques. It should be carefully stored at reasonably cool temperatures due to the presence of baking powder within the ingredients. However, this product should store as long as 30+ years reasonably stored.

Each package contains 1/2 pound or the replacement equivalent of FIFTY eggs. It works by replacing the action and chemistry that eggs play in most recipes. It works best is scratch baking recipes, and in SOME commercial mixes due to the varied chemistry of commercial mixes and this is only verified via testing.  Trial and error may be required with commercial mixes as the product was designed primarily for home made baking applications.

This product is NOT for the replacement of powdered eggs nor can you make scrambled eggs with the product.

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