Ultimate Seasoning Kit

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The Ultimate Seasoning Kit contains items to add seasoning to meats, vegetables and even simple staples such as rice and beans.  Included products in this kit are: 1/2 pound of granulated dehydrated Garlic (the only ingredient), 3/4 lb Vegetable Blend (dehydrated carrots, onions, tomatoes, peas, celery, green bell peppers, green beans, and parsley),10 lbs iodized salt, 1 1/2 pounds of dehydrated chopped Onion (the only ingredient),1/2 pound of course ground pepper (the only ingredient),1/4 lb BBQ Spice Blend, 1/4 lb Buffalo Spice Blend, 1/4 lb Cajun Spice Blend,1/4 lb Italian Spice Blend, and 1/2 lb Chicken Soup Base

The Ultimate Seasoning Kit is designed to add seasoning and flavor to long term storage foods. All products store as long as 25+ years and in combination they provide wonderful flavors to a variety of foods. The Garlic is useful to add wonderful zest and that wonderful buttery garlic taste. Onion provides the classic savory and bold taste expected in many tasteful dishes. Salt is useful in all dishes and is the flavor base for nearly all cooking dishes. This includes iodized salt because iodine is an essential mineral that one can easily become deficient without supplementation.  The vegetable blend includes celery, onion and carrots for making MirePoix. Course ground pepper is useful as a basic spice and is also useful in all savory dishes.  The included spice blends allow flavor sensations including Italian, Cajun and BBQ can be used with meats or other dishes.  The included Chicken Soup Base can be used to flavor items such as rice, or create comforting soups.

This product has a net weight of 14.75 pounds and is packaged in mylar using proprietary packaging methods. Our Process removes harmful oxygen and seals the product in such a way as to prevent damage from harmful light.

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