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Seasoning & Spices

Seasonings and Spices add flavor and variety to even the most basic foods

Cooking Essentials Kit


The Cooking Essentials Kit contains items to add seasoning to your favorite foods.  Included products in this kit are: 1/2 pound of granulated dehydrated Garlic (the only ingredient), 10 pounds of iodized salt, 2 1/2 pounds of dehydrated chopped Onion (the only ingredient),1/2 pound of course ground pepper (the only ingredient - Not Pictured).

The Cooking Essentials Kit is designed to add seasoning and flavor to long term storage foods. All products store as long as 25+ years and in combination they provide wonderful flavors to a variety of foods. The Garlic is useful to add wonderful zest and that wonderful buttery garlic taste. Onion provides the classic savory and bold taste expected in many tasteful dishes. Salt is useful in all dishes and is the flavor base for nearly all cooking. dishes. This includes iodized salt because iodine is an essential mineral that one can easily become deficient without supplementation.  Course ground pepper is useful as a basic spice and is also useful in all savory dishes.

This product has a net weight of 13.5 pounds and is packaged in mylar using proprietary packaging methods. Our Process removes harmful oxygen and seals the product in such a way as to prevent damage from harmful light.

Baking Essentials Kit


The Baking Essentials Kit contains important items for baking and adding sweetness. This kit contains egg substitute, powdered milk, vanilla powder, sugar and Cinnamon.  The egg substitute includes enough replacement for 50 eggs and works best in scratch recipes. The powdered milk includes 3 pounds and makes around 48x 8oz glasses of reconstituted milk.  A package with 34 teaspoons of Powdered Vanilla is made from genuine Madagascar Vanilla beans and is a superior and flavorful replacement for vanilla extract (it is white in color).  A package of cinnamon, is included to spice up items such as oatmeal or rice cereal.  To provide sweetness in a variety of baking and meals, a full 7 pounds of granulated sugar is included in this kit.


Garlic, Granulated


Our granulated garlic is a ONE INGREDIENT product that contains only dehydrated and granulated garlic. This is useful for adding flavor to many dishes and cab be simmered into dishes or sprinkled on top. It can be used with approximately 1/3 salt to create a garlic salt well beyond that available in the store.

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Onion, Dehydrated


Onions are an important component to so many recipes and possible meals. They also contain a surprising amount of vitamins and minerals (see the extended nutrition guide in the photo gallery).  Our new dehydrated onion bulk package contains over 30 CUPS of flavor for your meals.  It is packaged in a one-gallon zip top (limited availability) mylar package that has been sealed for long term. We rate this item at 30 years due to it's minimal fat content, quality packaging materials and state of the art packaging method.   As with all of our products, Mountain Fresh Foods uses a combination of vacuum sealing, and nitrogen flushing to oxygen absorbers - a combination of three methods where most companies use one of the three.

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Cinnamon is useful for seasoning a variety of items including our oatmeal and cream of rice products. This package contains 0.2 lbs or 30 teaspoons of cinnamon, which is sufficient to spice as many as 120 small servings of oatmeal.   This product is packaged in mylar for long-term storage and can be expected to last as long as 10-15 years due to the presence of trace amounts of oil within the component.

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Sugar, Granulated 7 lbs



Salt, Iodized 10 Lbs


Iodized Salt is useful for a variety of purposes in cooking and baking.  This is a full 10 pounds of high-quality Iodized Salt sealed in mylar along with desiccant packages to prevent clumping.

Egg Substitute or Replacer


The Mountain Fresh Foods Egg Replacer product is a plant-based, Non-Dairy, Non-Egg, Non-GMO and preservative free egg replacement option for baking and cooking needs. We have sourced the most effective and consistent egg replacer on the market and packaged it using our specialized and advanced long term storage techniques. It should be carefully stored at reasonably cool temperatures due to the presence of baking powder within the ingredients. However, this product should store as long as 30+ years reasonably stored.

Each package contains 1/2 pound or the replacement equivalent of FIFTY eggs. It works by replacing the action and chemistry that eggs play in most recipes. It works best is scratch baking recipes, and in SOME commercial mixes due to the varied chemistry of commercial mixes and this is only verified via testing.  Trial and error may be required with commercial mixes as the product was designed primarily for home made baking applications.

This product is NOT for the replacement of powdered eggs nor can you make scrambled eggs with the product.

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