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Why do you mainly recommend Bulk Staples as a starting  point?

Mountain Fresh Foods was founded originally to freeze dry beef, which is essentially a single $100+ meal. However, during the Pandemic we recognized that while people had extensive seasoning and random cans of soup in their pantries, few had any form of bulk calories sufficient to survive in their homes. Thus the "30 Day Meal Foundation Kit" was created and THOUSANDS were shipped nationally.  For those wishing to get into a lifestyle of preparedness this is ALWAYS the best starting point. You can survive months on the basics our kits provide at a price point that is affordable.

Shouldn't I buy these staples at the store and simply package them myself at home?

The lifestyle of preparedness always points to self-sufficiency. However, not all of us are retired and many of us have kids and demanding jobs. the savings realized are NOT what one would expect. OUTSOURCE your food packaging, and BUY CONSISTENTLY - you have better things to do with your time. It's simply a fact that professionally packaged food lasts longer. This because the specialized equipment is expensive and is simply more efficient at sealing food in the correct gas environment.  Another factor worth considering is that quality mylar is NOT easy to buy.  Our company manufactures it's own mylar bags for a reason.

Why is shipping so expensive?

We ask this question all the time. However, please note that our products are HEAVY as they are sold by weight.   There is simply not a cheap way to ship a 46 pound box and shipping prices are skyrocketing. We do not mark up shipping, we do not add fees and our system calculates exact shipping cost.  Consider a group buy or pallet freight shipment as a way to save on shipping.
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