We specialize in the most fresh and recently packaged long term storage foods available. All orders are manufactured within days of shipping. Please be patient as our current volume and staffing level do not equate to instant order delivery.  At this time, with certain stock exceptions, most products are shipping within 3 weeks with large orders taking longer (but shipped staggered).
Current in-Stock items Include: Oatmeal Breakfast Kits, Powdered Egg and Milk Products, Spice kits (except Italian Spice), Chicken Soup Base, Egg Replacer, Black and Pinto Bean products (1 Week).  Note that Vegetable Kits are manufactured to order and generally take around 2 weeks.

New Items

New and featured items currently include a Powdered Milk and Eggs, Vegetable Kits, and our Seasoning and Baking Kits.

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Pitcher of Milk with eggs

Long Term Dairy

We offer Powdered Non-Fat Milk and Eggs and both are excellent sources of protein.

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Bulk  Staple Buckets

Our buckets contain bulk amounts of high quality commodities that are sealed in mylar within the bucket.

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Vegetable Combinations

We offer a variety of regular and organic Vegetable products and combinations. 

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Meal  Foundation Kits

Our buckets contain bulk amounts of high quality commodities that are sealed in mylar within the bucket.

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Freeze Dried Fruit

Fruit is nutritious for snacking or adding flavor to cereal or oatmeal

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Italian Spice Blend

Seasonings and Spices Kits

Add flavor and variety to your food stocks. We offer products ranging from salt, to dehydrated onion and garlic.

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Soup Mixes and Bases

We offer soup base mix options for use in making soup or seasoning other components.

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Large Pallet Packages

Pallet  and multiple pallet sized kits are available for customers seeking to meet the needs of their families in one simple purchase. These kits are often customized to meet unique dietary requirements.  

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