Godzilla attacks the city

Are you wondering what's next?

Maybe it's a good idea to add some food to your toilet paper stash "just in case" Godzilla appears next month?
Things somehow seem uncertain and the prices at the grocery store are not exactly making things look promising.
Would you feel better if you had a backup food supply?
Perhaps it would be a good idea to have something set aside "just in case" or savings in the form of food?  Consider that our 30 Day Meal Foundation Kits offer a full 38 pounds of nutrition with sufficient calories for 2,000 calories a day and sufficient protein for around $150 (including shipping to most locations). Our products are designed to last as long as 30+ years stored reasonably. Consider investing in the peace of mind of having several months of food standing by in the back of your pantry just in case that an earthquake, hurricane, or zombie apocalypse is the next happening.

We specialize in packaging the foods you cook with every day to last 30+ years

Meal Foundation Kit Options
- Financing Options Now Available -

Packaged for the Long Term

Advanced Modified Atmosphere Packaging and high quality
packaging allows most components to last 25+ years

Guided Plans and Kits

Our Box Kits and Monthly Plans offer a turnkey solution to obtain the supplies you need for peace of mind

Nutrition to Survive

Components provide needed vitamins and minerals for optimal health no matter the situation
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