24x Split Pallet 12 Rice/6 Pinto Beans/6 Black Beans


This combination pallet is a split between Rice, Pinto Beans and Black Beans sealed for long term storage in Mylar and packaged in 5 gallon buckets. This is a total of 1,177,608 calories or 589 days @ 2,000 calories a day.  The rice is packaged with 35 pounds in each bucket and the black and bean beans are packaged 24 pounds per bucket.

[Please see notes on availability and shipping below]
Note on Availability: At this time, extensive shortages of rice are causing some delays with this product. We are implementing a staggered shipping or "Progress Flow" approach, gradually shipping large orders according to availability, to make the best of the situation. In practice, this means your order is gradually shipped each week according to availability. Pallet orders are averaging 4-6 weeks to receive all items but the first items begin arriving within 10 days. We have found this method makes customer happy as they can see the progress as they build up their stock.

Shipping Options for Pallets:
Our current methods of shipping include "Progress Flow" (staggered shipping as items are available via ground) and "Quoted Freight" (hold all items until complete and freight is quoted at time of shipping).  We are no longer using FedEx Freight due to excessive "highway robbery style" service charges (340% in many cases) on shipping.

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