Big 16 Bulk Vegetable Kit


The Big Bulk Vegetable combination contains OVER 33 POUNDS, 539 OZ or SIXTEEN GALLONS of dehydrated vegetables that reconstitute to OVER NINETY GALLONS!  Each GALLON mylar package has been specially sealed using state of the art technology to exclude oxygen (NO PRESERVATIVES ADDED) for 25+ years of fresh shelf life.

We have partnered with a local NC based company we trust for sourcing of these vegetables dehydrated to perfection. Look closely and we have not merely included basic vegetables, but also fancy and flavorful options such as leeks and mushrooms to allow for flavor and nutritional variety. The Tomato Powder can be used to create sauces such as spaghetti, or pizza sauce.

Each Kit Contains: Broccoli Flowerets (Yields 6.1 Gallons), Green Cabbage (Yields 5.3 Gallons), Diced Carrots (Yields 14.5 Gallons), Sliced Celery (Yields 6.7 Gallons), Whole Sweet Corn (Yields 9.3 Gallons), Green Beans (Yields 5.6 Gallons), Fancy Sliced Mushrooms (Yields .9 Gallon), Jalapeno Dices (Yields 4.4 Gallons), Tangy Green & White Leeks (Yields 0.9 Gallons), Chopped White Onions (Yields 10.9 Gallons), Green Sweet Peas (Yields 5.6 Gallons), Red & Green Bell Pepper Mix (Yields 5.6 Gallons), Diced Potatoes (Yields 5.0 Gallons), Sliced Potatoes (Yields 3 Gallons), Spinach Flakes (Yield 1.5 Gallons), Tomato Dices (Yields 5 Gallons)

There are multiple grades of dehydrated vegetables and this is the highest premium vegetables available.

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