Nonfat Powdered Milk 1.5 Lbs in Mylar

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This is 1.5 pounds, or 30x 8oz Glasses reconstituted of 100% Real Powdered Instant Non-Fat Milk packaged for long-term storage in Mylar packaging. All product is from the United States and is packaged in Western North Carolina. This is a delicious way to supplement your diet with needed protein and calcium. In addition, powdered non-fat milk can be used as a replacement in recipes calling for milk or even cereal! Note On Competition: At this time Non-Fat Milk is rare enough that many companies are selling fake milk and whey protein as an equivalent. However, these are both cheap alternatives, both derived from the by-products of cheese production. Don't let the slick marketing names fool you - buy the real product. Reconstitution is easy and can even be done with cold water an generally mixes 5-6 tsp (23g) of mix with 8 oz of water or simply mix to your taste preferences. Shaking within a closed mason jar is considered the easiest method to achieve consistency. All packaging is done in our facility in Western North Carolina, USA.
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