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At Mountain Fresh Foods, we advocate the simple concepts of self-reliance and the piece of mind of preparing for the unexpected.  Our products are designed to last 25+ years and provide the largest number of calories and highest number of meals we can fit into a self-contained kit.

Our most recently introduced kits are modeled after the staple components we encouraged our friends and family to gather as the storm clouds of COVID-19 became evident. In times of trouble, the simple foods that provide the highest number of meals win the day and feed your family.

All of our kits are in-stock, with rapid shipping. Feel free to give us a call or send us a message via the contact form if you have any questions.

James L. Knight, Jr.
Mountain Fresh Foods LLC

Not seen in the United States in a generation...

Meal Foundation Kits to extend your pantry

Our line of Meal Foundation Kits are designed to expend your pantry to meet any challenge. Packaged in heavy duty mylar, the components of these kits are designed to last over 25 years if properly stored.

30 Day Box Meal Foundation Kit

The Mountain Fresh Survival Foods 30 Day Box provides Mylar packages of components, including:21 lbs of white Long-grain rice, 8 Lbs of Black Beans, 8 Lbs of Pinto Beans, Salt, and Soup Base for seasoning or to enjoy as comforting soup.  The 21 lbs of Rice bucket provides nutritious white rice to serve as a base for many combinations.  This is the Emergency Food Ration Kit you want on hand when disaster, emergency or unforeseen circumstances appear.  The total combined buckets contain a net weight of over 38 pounds of a nutritious combination of Black Beans, Pinto Beans, Salt, and Chicken Bouillon seasoning.

The Chicken Bouillon can be implemented for seasoning or enjoyed as comforting soup. When prepared, this single bucket prepares a total of 45 pounds of rice for use as a nutritious base for any variety of meal possibilities.

Shelf life when kept in a cool dry place can extend over 25 years for all items except the soup base seasoning, which should last as long as 15 years with proper storage.

Proudly Made in the USA in Western North Carolina


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30 Day MEal Foundation Kit

Other Bulk Options

Mountain Fresh Foods packages individual component options such as freeze-dried fruit, and various dry good such as elbow macaroni, rice and dried beans packaged to last 30+ years reasonably stored.

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30 Day Box
Contents of the 30 Day Meal Foundation Kit pictured above
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