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At Mountain Fresh Foods, we advocate the simple concepts of self-reliance and the piece of mind of preparing for the unexpected.  Our products are designed to last 25+ years and provide the largest number of calories and highest number of meals we can fit into a self-contained kit.

Our most recently introduced kits are modeled after the staple components we encouraged our friends and family to gather as the storm clouds of COVID-19 became evident. In times of trouble, the simple foods that provide the highest number of meals win the day and feed your family.

All of our kits are in-stock, with rapid shipping. Feel free to give us a call or send us a message via the contact form if you have any questions.

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Meal Foundation Kits to extend your pantry

Our line of Meal Foundation Kits are designed to expend your pantry to meet any challenge. Packed in a Life Latch resealable food-grade bucket, these kits are designed to last over 25 years if properly stored.

30 Day - Meal Foundation Kit

The Deluxe 30 Day Meal Foundation Kit is designed to serve as caloric foundation for your emergency food supply. Designed and packaged to last up to  25 years if stored properly, the Meal Foundation Kit provides a whopping 43.5 lbs and 56,526 calories of nutrient rich white rice, black beans, pinto beans, oatmeal, sugar, salt and soup base (for seasoning or comforting chicken soup broth).  This kit is packed in a sturdy twist-top Life Latch® New Generation 6.5-gallon  food grade bucket resealable bucket with a gasket to ensure freshness. 

This product can be enjoyed either as a stand-alone meal or used to stretch existing food supplies. It is designed to work hand-in-hand with your existing food supplies in that the components allow you a caloric base from which nearly anything from canned soup to fresh vegetables can be combined.  

The largest challenge those in disaster type situations where food supplies are scarce face is how to survive until additional food becomes available.  The Meal Foundation Kits provides the large quantity of the basic staples needed to extend your pantry to meet the need.   When combined with even the most random items found in most pantries and freezers (if you have electric) such as spaghetti sauce, canned soup, canned vegetables, etc. the Deluxe 30 Day Meal Foundation Kit can be extended to meet the needs of several people.

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30 Day Meal Foundation Kit

Other Meal Foundation Kit Options

Additional, smaller sized of the Meal Foundation Kits are available in 10 and 20 day kits that are made up of a slightly smaller combination of components.  These smaller kits are packaged in smaller versions of the same Life Latch® resealable food grade buckets as the deluxe kit.

These smaller kits are available for those on a tight budget, or situations where storage space is limited. An example of this might be keeping a 20 day Meal Foundation Kit in your vehicle (although the heat might lessen shelf life) for those situations where you can't get home or need to evacuate in a hurry.

The 20 day Meal Foundation Kit Plus is comprised of Long-Grain Rice, Black Beans and Pinto Beans plus Soup Base and Salt for seasoning purposes. The 20 Day Meal Foundation Kit Plus is packaged in a resealable Life Latch® 3.5 gallon container with a gasket for long life. 

The 10 Day - Meal Foundation Kit is comprised of Long-Gran White Rice, Black Beans and Salt for seasoning.  The 10 Day Meal Foundation Kit is packaged in a resealable Life Latch® 2.0 gallon container with a gasket for long life.
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The 20 Day Meal Foundation Kit Plus is pictured above
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